Vision, Mission and Objectives

  • Promote, foster, cultivate and develop the advancement of Kannada language, literature, and culture among Kannada speaking families surrounding Charlotte area especially children.
  • Bring together all Kannada speaking people and promote harmony and embrace Kannada culture, language and literature.
  • Build stronger community to preserve and protect the integrity of Kannada culture and foster the exchange of ideas and understanding between the peoples of Kannada culture and other cultures.
  • To organize and participate in Kannada educational, cultural, social and charitable activities and events.
  • Be a nonpartisan, secular and non-political organization in the best interest of Kannada Community and its members.
  • We are bound by the rules and articles of a written constitution also known as Carolina Kannada Balaga (CKB) Bye-Law. Download the CKB bye-law click on the button